The Birth of Alcame

Frank Lipani, Jr., Founder of Alcame, has over 30 years experience in the beauty / hair care industry. Frank is a certified color technician and has developed his own techniques in haircutting and advanced color. Throughout the years, he has taught advanced education classes, did platform work at major trade shows, and helped develop other hair care product lines.

After working for so many years in the beauty / hair care industry, Frank became disillusioned with the lack of technological advancements in product performance and quality. Many salon brands are more focused on growth, profits, glitz, and questionable product ingredient claims while ignoring the needs of the salon and spa profession. Manufacturers follow one another in a never-ending cycle, using the same concepts, ingredients, advertising, and education. So Frank decided to dedicate himself to developing an exclusive and unique healthy hair care line that would transform the spa and salon industry. And hence, Alca me was born.


The name Alcame comes from the word Alchemy. Although most people as more familiar with the term Alcamist, which was early attempts to turn bare metals into gold, Alchemy on the other hand, was the early study and practice of using natural ingredients to treat medical conditions. Alchemy is the search for the Quintessence! It is all about isolating the vital force of life itself, isolating it so it can be condensed, purified, and manipulated to conform with the artist's will. Alchemy, in short, is the art of evolution!

The art of evolution and transformation of natural ingredients into the finest products available is what Alcame is all about. We use naturally occurring benefits of indigenous plants as the base for our collections. Each of Alcame collections is based on an appreciation of the indigenous plants that people use in their everyday lives. Our goal is to merge the time tested benefits that nature offers with new age technology.

Transformative Hair Care Products

At Alcame, we understand the success of your business hinges on your ability to deliver a consistent, premium experience that leaves one feeling fabulous and wanting more. That's why Alcame hair care products have been expertly crafted to ignite and engage the senses while transforming the hair. We have scoured the Earth collecting indigenous ingredients with natural benefits and paired them with decades of hands-on experience. The resulting hair care products offer exceptional performance and consistent results.